While visiting Ritchie County, tune your radio station to 98.5 on the FM dial. It is Ritchie Co.'s only locally owned and operated station.This station is also a part of our hub. The station ironically is located in a station (old gas station). The group only plays old tunes of the past, whether it is Country, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Christian, Saddle Songs, Polka, Old Stories and a host of other genres. Give it a try for a change, after all that is why you're in Ritchie County. It is said that many locals get off their medications after listening for 30 days.

98.5 WVHV-LP FM Radio



Waterski/Jetski Rental. We don't have water skis because maximum motor limit is 10hp on lake. That is what makes this lake unique.

Bike Rental at River Run. If you're looking for a more relaxing outing on a nearby trail, rent a bike for an afternoon with your loved one. I did.

Outdoor Fun

Whether you're 18 or 78, a day on the lake will make you feel like a kid. Spend a day with us, and enjoy memories for years to come.

Complete Service

We offer complete rentals of children's bikes, cruisers, adult trikes, trailers, boats, canoes, kayaks and a pontoon boat. 

Your Connection to Recreation at North Bend State Park

North Bend Outfitters

Quiet, Peaceful, Tranquil

Great Place to just Hang-Out


Located in the heart of Ritchie County, 1 mile west of Harrisville, just minutes from Rt. 50. Alternative prescription for lowering your blood pressure. One must have at least one session on the lake before you contact a therapist.

Rental Stuff at North Bend


Water Vessels. Rent a Pontoon, Kayak, Canoe and V-Bottom any day of the week. Also we have real ugly Jon Boats. (helps fish to migrate to attractive bait).

Getting ready for 2015

This season is starting out with challenges. The deck was carried down-stream by the melting ice this spring. It was retrieved by Andy and Doug and two days later the high waters (withing 3ft. of the roof of the boathouse) released it from the dock again somehow. Anyway no big deal, it  was retrieved  and remounted. BTW, the dock was not available until August 2014. ---  Also another vessel has been added to the line-up for this year (2015). it is a V-Bottom 14ft Gas powered unit. Also the Birrdwatchers Digest is coming back this summer, only earlier, to russle up a few feathers. We are excited about their re-up for the adventure weekend during the June 5th weekend........

Looking forward this is going to be a busy season and we are working diligently to meet your needs.

304-299-1768  nbowv@mail.com